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Handbook of Freemasonry - Brill

Freemasonry is the largest, oldenst and most influencal secret society in the world. The Brill Handbook of Freemasonry is a pioneering work that brings together, for the fist time, leading scholars on Freemasonry. The first section covers historical perspectives, such as the origins and history of Freemasonry. The second deals with the relationship between Freemasonry and specific cultural traditions such as the Catholic Church, Judaism, and Islam. In the third section, organisational themes, such as the use of rituals, are explored, while the fourth section deals with issues related to society and politics – women, blacks, colonialism, and war. The fifth and final section is devoted to Freemasonry and culture, including music, literature, modern art and material culture.

Hendrik Bodgan, Ph. D., is Associate Professor od religious Studies at University of Gothenburg. He is the author of Western Esotericism and Rituals of Initiation (2007) and co-editor of several works, including Occultism in a Global Perspective (2013).

Jan A.M. Snoek, Ph. D. in the Sciences of Religions, University of Leiden (NL), is attached to the Institute for the Sciences of Religions at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), and has published widely about the development of masonic rituals. Among his publications are Initiating Women in Freemasonry, The Adoption Rite (Brill, 2012)

Historical Perspectives

1. Introduction
2. The History ol Freemasonry: An Overview - Jan A.M. Snoek and Henrik Bogdan
3. The Old Charges - Andrew Prescott
4. The Origins ol Freemasonry: Scotland - David Stevenson
5. The Origins ol Freemasonry: England - Matthew DJ. Scanlan
6. Freemasonry and Templarism - Pierre Mollier
7. Freemasonry and the Enlightenment - Margaret Jacob and Matthew Crow
8. Masonic Historiography - Charles Porset

Freemasonry and Religion

9. Freemasonry and the Catholic Church - Jose A. Ferrer Benimeli
10. Freemasonry and the Orthodox Churches - Jean-François Var
11. Freemasonry and Protestantism  - Guy Liagre
12. Freemasonry and judaism - Robert Jan van Pelt
13. Freemasonry and lslam - Thierry Zarcone
14. Freemasonry and Eastem Religious - Jessica Harland Jacobs and Jan A.M. Snoek
15. Freemasonry and Westem Esotericism - Henrik Bogdan
16. Freemasonry and New Religious Movements  - Massimo lntrovigne

Ritual, Organisation, and Diffusion

17. Masonic Rituals ol lnitiation - Jan A.M. Snoek
18. Freemasonry and Performance - Kristiane Hasselmann
19. Masonic Rites and Systems - Arturo de Hoyos
20. Reiationships between Grand Lodges - Jan A.M. Snoek
21. Freemasonry and Friendly Societies - Daniel Weinbren

Freemasonry, Society and Politics

22. Freemasonry and Women - Jan A.M. Snoek
23. Freemasonry and Blacks - Cécile Revauger
24. Freemasonry and Coionialism - Jessica Harland-Jacobs
25. Freemasonry and Nationaiism - Jefirey Tyssens
26. Freemasonry and War - François Rognan

Freemasonry and Culture

27. Freemasonry and Music - Malcolm Davies
28. Freemasonry and Literature  - Robert. A. Gilbert
29. Freemasonry and Modem Art - Manju Ariens-Volker
30. Freemasonry and Architecture - James Stevens Curi
31. The Material Culture ol Freemasonry - Mark J.R. Dennis

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